First of all, this is not some “commission only” job. Those are the worst.
As a master copywriter, you will collect a handsome salary at The Oxford Group.
But the fun part is when you forget your salary even exists… because the royalties are so much BIGGER.
Twice a year at The Oxford Group we celebrate “royalty day.” Everyone in the office is abuzz because we know many of us are about to get more than most Americans make in a year… in a single check.
Of course, how much you make is up to you and how talented you really are. Your royalties are directly correlated to how many sales you bring in. But here’s the most exciting part…
Our new royalty program gives you the actual possibility to make $1 MILLION on a single piece of writing.
It’s possible…
In fact, our HR department recently circulated an email noting the tax implications of seven figure bonuses. There aren’t many jobs where you get messages like that… and we’ll tell you EXACTLY what milestone you need to hit to earn a $1 million bonus once you apply